Membership Types with Monthly Dues

Membership Length One-time Membership Fee Monthly Dues Extras
36 Months $250 $250 ASA 101 Basic Sailing Course Included
24 Months $300 $300
12 Months $350 $350
4 Months $400 $400
1 Month $500 $500
All memberships auto-renew unless you cancel before renewal begins.

Member Benefits

  • ASA 101 Included with 36 month membership. A $300 dollar value.
  • Unlimited Free Sailing - checkout a boat whenever you like.
  • Discount on all other ASA courses for Members
  • Members Only Seminars and Events
  • Catalina 30 Charter - Daily Rate $100

THE CLUB - The Sailboat Club is designed for sailors who want the benefits of boat ownership without the hassles... or the big expense. As a club member, you don't have to buy a boat, you don't have to rent a boat slip, you don't have to buy insurance, you don't have to pay for maintenance, and you don't have to spend your time doing maintenance.

All you have to do is reserve a boat -- and GO SAILING.

Club membership dues are less than the cost of slip rent, and members can enjoy sailing as often as they like. Plus, instead of owning one boat in one location, club members have a FLEET of boats, and can sail in multiple locations for different sailing experiences.

The Sailboat Club provides built-in "sailing buddies", plans sailing trips, and offers sailing instruction.

CONTRACT - Club members sign a membership agreement with a term from 1 to 36 months, billable monthly. You know what your sailing expenses will be, unlike boatowners, who never know when unexpected costs will hit them. Club members' only extra expense is to provide their own fuel.

CHECKOUT - New members pass a checkout sail before they can take out a Club boat alone. When your checkout sail is completed, you are given a key to the vessels. BEFORE YOU ARE CHECKED OUT - New members are encouraged and invited to go sailing with other members whenever possible. This allows new members to become more familiar with the boats and prepare for a checkout cruise.

If you are NEW TO SAILING, your checkout will be passing the ASA-101 course, Basic Keelboat Sailing.

If you are an EXPERIENCED SAILOR, but you don't have ASA certification, you can "challenge" the ASA-101 test (written and on-the-water) for your checkout.

If you HAVE ASA CERTIFICATION, a quick checkout sail will insure that you remember what you learned.

COACHING - Once you have earned your wings (or sails), you are expected to take along a new member from time to time -- sharing some tiller time and demonstrating how to set up and put up the boat.

SCHEDULING - When you have earned your club skipper status, you are welcome to go sailing almost any time. However, you MUST call for a reservation. The primary club rule is NO UNAUTHORIZED USE OF A BOAT. If a member reserves a boat, the boat must be waiting for them.

Scheduling is done on a first-come basis, however, Club members are encouraged to be accommodating.

SAILING LIMITS - Each boat and each member has limits regarding sailing area and time of day. Within those limits, a float plan is encouraged but not required. Beyond those limits, a plan (verbal or written) must be submitted to the office, and approved.

SEA TOW - The Sailboat Club has a commercial account with Sea Tow. At no cost to you, Sea Tow is on call 24/7 to assist in the event of a grounding, breakdown, etc.

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