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"Affording a sailboat may have gotten easier with a new sailboat club in Jacksonville."

Jacksonville Business Journal

"Without The Sailboat Club, I might have jumped Into a boat I really didn’t need and didn’t know enough about."

Thaddeus Foster, Club Member

"In the past three months there have been more instructors coming out of Jacksonville, FL than any other area of the world."

Instructor Evaluator News American Sailing Association

"I just love all the seminars and activities I can attend.  Reefing, engine repair, weather for sailors to name just a few."

Rilla McColl, Club Member

"The Club helps would-be sailors with no experience get their feet wet..."  

Florida Times-Union

"Wintering in Florida is so much more fun now that we've joined the SBC. Their short term winter memberships are just what we were looking for"

Paula Ashcroft, Club Member

"…sailors who joined forces - and resources…"

Jacksonville Magazine

"With so many members, I was worried about boat availability. But I never seem to have a problem."  

Frank Nosalek, Club Member

"Few families these days really have time to use their boats... Clubs give members hassle-free boating."  

Florida Times-Union

"I can go for two hour sails or for an entire weekend.  The  possibilities are endless."  

Teena Mason, Club Member

"…enjoy sailing without the prohibitive cost and maintenance worries of boat ownership...worth looking into."

Mandarin News

"My wife hates to sail.  Now that I’ve joined The Sailboat Club, I can always find someone to sail with."

Anonymous, Club Member  

" extras to worry about."  

Financial News & Daily Record